Resolution Meeting Facilitation

Resolution meetings are mandated by the special education law, IDEA 2004, for due process requests initiated by parents, unless both parties waive participating (or participation) in the meeting or if both parties agree to try mediation.  The purpose of the resolution meeting is for the parents to discuss the due process complaint and supporting facts so the school has the opportunity to resolve the dispute. A resolution meeting gives the parents and the school a chance to work together to avoid a due process hearing.  The law states that the first 30 days after a parent requests due process is considered a resolution period.  As a requirement of this, a resolution meeting must be held during this period.

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When a due process hearing is requested, a dispute already exists and the parties may have difficulty reaching agreement at a resolution meeting.  Like in mediation, the presence of a neutral facilitator at the resolution meeting may yield a more effective and successful meeting.  If both parties believe the use of a neutral third party at the resolution meeting will increase the likelihood of reaching agreement, ODR will send a facilitator to assist the parties.

Resolution Meeting Facilitation is provided at no cost for IDEA-related cases.

For more information about Resolution Meeting Facilitation, read our Fact Sheet.

Use our request form to request the use of a facilitator at your Resolution Meeting.

Resolution Meeting Request Form

INSTRUCTIONS: When filling out the PDF version of the form to submit via e-mail, save a copy to your computer and attach it as an e-mail attachment in your e-mail client. Examples of an e-mail client include Microsoft Outlook and web based e-mail such as Gmail and Hotmail. The request should be sent to

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Resolution Meeting Facilitation Videos

Resolution Meetings – English

Learn what to expect from a resolution meeting.

Resolution Meetings – Spanish

Learn what to expect from a resolution meeting.

Resolution Meeting Facilitation

This video was developed to answer questions and provide information regarding Resolution Meeting Facilitation, a voluntary option available through ODR to parents and local education agencies when a due process hearing has been initiated.