PhoneConsultLine is a toll-free information help line for parents and advocates of children with disabilities who have questions or concerns about the education of a school-aged child. ConsultLine specialists answer questions and provide information about special education, gifted education, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. ConsultLine specialists provide service to non-English speaking callers through the assistance of a confidential, third party interpreter.

The ConsultLine specialists can:

  • Describe the processes involved in having a child evaluated and provided special education, classroom accommodations and related services;
  • Explain the procedural safeguards (parents' rights) available to parents of students with disabilities;
  • Provide information about, access to, and assistance with the formal complaint process;
  • Discuss options for addressing concerns or disagreements about the child’s special education program; and
  • Provide callers with other useful resources and informational materials