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ODR Overview

ODR Introduction

ODR Due Process, Mediation, and Stakeholder Council

ODR Mediation

ODR Due Process

ODR ConsultLine


ODR Resolution Meeting Facilitation

ODR Hearing Officer Settlement Conference

ODR Creating Agreement TrainingDue Process Hearing Videos

ODR Resources

Hearing Officer Video Series

This video series provides an overview of what to expect if you are involved in a special education due process hearing.  The first video addresses prehearing matters, the second video discusses preparing for the hearing, and the third and fourth videos talk about the hearing itself.

Prehearing Matters

Preparing for the Hearing

During the Hearing

Understanding and Participating in the Hearing

Mock Due Process

Mediation Videos

ODR Why Mediation

The Mediation Process

This video is currently under revision.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Videos

IEP Facilitation

This video explains the IEP facilitation process, including how to request, what to expect, how you can prepare, and the benefits of IEP facilitation.

Voices From the Field

Voices from the Field provides multiple perspectives on the value of IEP Facilitation as an early conflict resolution tool.

Resolution Meetings – English

Learn what to expect from a resolution meeting.

Resolution Meetings – Spanish

Learn what to expect from a resolution meeting.

Resolution Meeting Facilitation

This video was developed to answer questions and provide information regarding Resolution Meeting Facilitation, a voluntary option available through ODR to parents and local education agencies when a due process hearing has been initiated.

General Information Videos

Procedural Safeguards Videos – Series of 6 Videos

The intent of this brief video series is to promote basic understanding and to address frequently asked questions about Pennsylvania’s Procedural Safeguards Notice.  This information does not consider all aspects of the matters addressed nor is it legal advice, which the Office for Dispute Resolution cannot provide.

General Information

Independent Educational Evaluations

Confidentiality Information

Pendency: The Child’s Placement Pending Mediation and Due Process

Discipline Issues

Revoking Consent

ConsultLine Video

Learn how ConsultLine can help parents and advocates of children with disabilities.

Hearing Officer Settlement Conference

Special Education Due Process Podcast

Special Education Due Process LEA Podcast

A Tale of Two Conversations

The following two part video demonstrates how communication skills can alter a conversation.  The first video shows an example of two people having a difficult conversation using poor communication skills.  The second video shows how the same conversation can be conducted in a way that leads to significantly enhanced communication.

Unproductive conversation

Productive Conversation