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After completing this online form, you will receive a copy of the submitted information via email. The information contained in this email should be sent to the opposing party.

If you require special accommodations to participate in the due process hearing, you must notify the LEA.

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Note: The hearing will be held at a time and place reasonably convenient to parents and child involved. For gifted education cases, the hearing will be held in the school district at a place reasonably convenient to the parents, and, at the request of parents, may be held in the evening.

Information About the Due Process Complaint
(IDEA Cases Only)

If yes, the Bureau of Special Education will be notified, and will investigate the matter. Due process is not available when the issue pertains to non-implementation of a hearing officer decision.

Information About the Due Process Complaint (All Cases)

You may use the following fields to explain the nature of your dispute.

Resolution Meeting (IDEA Cases Only)
Prior to a due process hearing taking place, if the parent filed the due process complaint, the law requires the parties to participate in a resolution meeting, unless both sides agree in writing to waive this requirement. Please complete the following information:

Please save a copy of the email you receive. An ODR staff member will confirm receipt of complaint and provide case manager and hearing officer information.

Additional information about due process is available on this website; or by calling the Special ConsultLine, 800-879-2301.