Evaluation Timelines

boy holding book on headThe entire evaluation process must be completed within 60 calendar days (not including summer vacation) from the date you give permission by signing the “Request for Consent” form given to you by your school. A copy of the Evaluation Report must be given to you and a summary of the report will be communicated to you at least 10 school days before the IEP meeting. A parent may waive this 10-day provision in writing.

Prior Written Notice for Initial Evaluation and Request for Consent Form

Prior Written Notice for a Reevaluation and Request for Consent Form

IEP Timelines

The IEP must be completed within 30 calendar days after the evaluation team issues its Evaluation Report. The IEP plan must be put into action as soon as possible, but no later than 10 school days after the IEP is completed. Your child’s program is reviewed every year at an IEP meeting or more often if requested by you or any other IEP team member. Whenever there are concerns about or changes to the IEP, a meeting may be requested by you or any other member of the IEP team.

Special Education Process Timelines

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