ODR Request Forms

The Office for Dispute Resolution provides several forms to parents, school districts, intermediate units and other agencies to request the various services of ODR. The forms are available in PDF (downloadable format) for mailing and/or faxing as well as PDF versions (for Mediation and Due Process Hearing Requests only) to fill out online and email to ODR.

English and Spanish versions are available on this site. Other languages are available from the PaTTAN web site.

The following forms can be mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to ODR.

INSTRUCTIONS: When filling out the PDF version of the form to submit via e-mail, save a copy to your computer and attach it as an e-mail attachment in your e-mail client. Examples of an e-mail client include Microsoft Outlook and web based e-mail such as Gmail and Hotmail. The request should be sent to ODR@odr-pa.org.